New Patients, Welcome!

 We’re happy you found us. As Halifax chiropractors, one of our goals is to help members of our community understand all that chiropractic care has to offer. From the moment you walk into our door, we hope you’ll feel right at home. Here’s what you can expect from your first visit with us.


Your First Appointment

As you enter our practice, you’ll be greeted by one of our Doctors. They will offer you a tour of our practice and take you back to an examination room.

After a thorough physical examination, questions, and listening to every concern, our doctors may or may not recommend X-rays. If we do, we’ll refer you to a local center to have them done. You can expect your initial appointment to last approximately 30 minutes. In most cases, you will receive treatment during your first visit.


People seated in chiropractic office waiting area  patient laying face down on chiropractic table receiving and adjustment  People in chiropractic office reception

Your Second Appointment

During your second appointment, we’ll review your entire report of findings in detail and give you the opportunity to ask us any further questions. From here, we’ll discuss what type of treatment plan will help you improve your health and areas of concern.

During your first few weeks of care, we typically like to see patients once or twice each week. After that, we’ll evaluate your progress and make any changes necessary in the frequency of your care.


Corrective Care

When you choose Clayton Park Chiropractic Centre for your healing, you can be sure that we’re interested in helping you lead a better and healthier life, not just bringing you out of initial pain.

Through our corrective care offerings, we aim to craft tailored adjustment plans using a variety of techniques, and we don’t stop there. If we feel that massage therapy care can help you, we may recommend an initial visit with our Registered Massage Therapist, Michelle Holmes.